Extracurricular Activities

What are you passionate about?
How do you benefit from extracurricular activities?
What extracurricular activities will help you get into your dream school?


Impressive Extracurricular activities in school application:

  • Arts - creative, open-minded, expressive, unique
  • Athletics - physical fitness, persistence, teamwork, leadership
  • STEM - innovation, ingenuity, resilience, problem-solving and experimentation skills
  • Volunteer Work and Community Service - sympathy, empathy, dedication

Choosing the right extracurricular activities and being persistence will not only benefit one’s school life in short term, but also facilitate overall development of a student to become a global citizen. The activity you choose today may be your lifetime hobby and even contribute to your career.

Our experienced team will introduce personalized extracurricular programs based on the analysis of student’s talents and characteristic snapshot, monitor the annual growth path and plan ahead necessary worldwide competitive events and activities.

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