Social Science

C-SPAN’s StudentCam

This is an annual national video documentary competition that encourages students to think seriously about issues that affect our community and country. Students are asked to create a short (5-8 minutes) video documentary on a specific topic. This competition is open to all students from grade 6 through grade 12.

American Model United Nations International (AMUN)

American Model United Nations International (AMUN) aims to make the simulation of the United Nations as realistic as possible while helping you meet your educational goals.

EconChallenge – Economics Challenge Program

Available in select states, the EconChallenge is an online competition for high school students that allows the winning team to eventually compete at the national level.

Kids Philosophy Slam

This is an annual program aimed at making philosophy fun and accessible to all children, developing critical thinking skills and encouraging dialogue with other students and adults. The Philosophy Slam challenges children to answer philosophical questions such as "What is the meaning of life?" Depending on their age, children can express themselves through words, works of art, poetry, or songs. Each grade level has its own national champion, and the top four high school students debate the issue in the national final.

National Geographic Bee

The purpose of the competition is to help teachers incorporate geography into their lessons, stimulate student interest, and raise public awareness of geography.

National History Bee

The National History Bee is a history contest for elementary and middle school students. Participating students progress from the school level to the regional level and finally to the national level, where she eventually becomes one student named the National History Bee Champion.

National Personal Finance Challenge

The National Personal Finance Challenge is an opportunity for high school students to demonstrate their personal finance knowledge by competing in three rounds of competition against other students across the country. The National Personal Finance Challenge is the culmination of challenges for governments across the country.

Odyssey of the Mind

This international non-profit organization teaches students to learn creative problem-solving techniques while having fun. Students learn how to recognize challenges and think creatively to solve those problems. The creative problem-solving process rewards “out-of-the-box” thinking. Membership is earned by schools or community groups and teams compete at the regional and/or state/province/country level.

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