Comprehensive Package

Start your application from enhancing your academic and extracurricular experience.

  • Analyze your strengths and opportunities with our guidance.
  • Advise academic course selection to map out your way to dream college and future career.
  • Sharpen your extracurricular activities and soft skills to find your way to stand out in the application.
  • Monitor time lines of standard test and set up strategies to improve your score.
  • Continuously personalized support with in person and virtual meetings.

Premium Program

Program for JK and SK

Starting from JK and SK

we recommend students have an early explosion to preschool programs to develop their motor skills, literacy and numeric abilities.


Program for Grade 1-7

Discover the Talents

For students entering primary school, we carry out family consultation as well as one-on-one session to help students explore a wide range of activities, discover the talents, recommend academic and non-academic programs, monitor their growth path and development curve and continuously support them throughout each academic year.

Program for grade 7-10

Sharpen & Elevate the Advantages

We guide students in G7-10 to sharpen and elevate their advantages in academic, non-academic aspects to gradually build up a strong background and personalities that will help them achieve as a global citizen in the future. With professional analysis of the overall performance, we will suggest and assist students to demonstrate their merits by planning competitive events and activities.


Program for G11

Prepare for University Application

When students come to G11, our course coordinator will offer one-on-one meeting to discuss course selection based on their previous report cards and the prospected field of study. Our certified educational consultant will guide students to prepare for the whole process of university application documents and interviews.

Program for after receiving offers

Financial Assistance Programs

After receiving offers, our financial professionals will advise on family financial situation, introduce appropriate financial assistance programs, and help the family get the resources needed to meet the post-secondary education costs.


Program for Career

Career Planning & Decision-making

Our professional psychologists and counselors will assist students in career planning and decision making, job hunting coaching, university major counseling, and employment support.

Program for Career

Worldwide Chances of Internship

Our career management team will offer world wide chances of Internship leading to a lifetime career success based on the personalized career development plan.


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